The revolution in the world of logistics: between Big data & industry 4.0

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A necessity

Companies are looking to to gain in performance, to save time andmoney. Overall, good logistics management ensures sales and profit for the company. Through this article, the Wiilog team wanted to look at the challenges of these new industry tools.

You are not familiar with thehat are the concepts of Industry 4.0? You want to discover what Big Data andIndustry 4.0 are, to know everything about these technologies of the new industrial era go to the page! Come back here right after to learn all about Supply Chain tools!

Equip yourself

By now you know all about Industry 4.0 and Big Data, but how does it really work? Between sensors, scanners, connected objectsIt’s not easy to tame these little gems of technology.


The IOT or IIoT is the internet of things or the industrial internet of things. It is today what allows all the most powerful software to gather data and to develop new actions. These objects can capture temperature, geolocation and many other data according to your needs. Thanks to the IOT, information is transmitted in real time to an application.

Machine learning

Machine learning is closely related to AI (artificial intelligence), it is even the basic foundation of AI. The machine defines the rules according to a set of information, which unlike the human takes very little time. It far exceeds human algorithms that rely on rules to get answers. Artificial intelligence supports the teams in the field and facilitates their work.

Collaborative robotics

These are robots that accompany your teams and reduce the risk of MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) due to the efforts made in the warehouse. The robot does not replace, it accompanies the human in his tasks to simplify them.


Radio Frequency Identification or RFID, this technology is used to identify objects without having to see or touch them.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing consists of remote access via a cloud or the Internet to your management application.

Did you know that? Wiilog has this technology. More than an asset for your teams, it guarantees that you will never lose data.

Industry 5.0 in the making

In terms of innovation, everything has evolved so quickly that we are already seeing Industry 5.0 coming into view. What will we discover in the next few years? This is what Wiilog will be looking for so don’t miss any more of our blog posts.


If you want to know more about our solutions, please contact our team and ask for a demo.

Mise à jour le Tuesday 20 December 2022

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