Stock management
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Receive, store and deliver to your production lines. Préparez et expédiez.

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Issues you can encounter

  • Stock is not updated and is not identified physically on locations
  • Heterogeneous stock is difficult to identify
  • Workers spend too much time searching for an item, a reference
  • -Order preparations have an excessive error rate
  • Workers spend more time in front of a PC than on the field

Advantages of the stock solution

Wiilog deploys in a few clicks, therefore you focus on your work and not on informatic aspects without an added value to your teams.



Identification of containers, conditioning, packaging, items and references.

Native functioning as barcode/QRcode, IoT and RFID


Efficient management of classical warehouse flows :

  • Reception
  • Stocking / Destocking
  • Preparation
  • Packaging
  • Docking
  • Lineside delivery / Lineside receipt
  • Shipment
  • Inventory
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