The fourth industrial revolution

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Technology and industry have evolved a lot in the last century, the digital transformation is the main cause. Let’s find out together whatIndustry 4.0 is all about.

A little history

Industry 4.0 implies a certain evolution, from industry 1.0 to industry 4.0 or even 5.0. But what do these different types of industries illustrate?
Industry 1.0 is marked by the use of steam and the mechanization of production at the end of the 18th century. Soon, the rather manual jobs requiring human presence were replaced by machines.
As for industry 2.0, it is illustrated by the appearance of electricityduring the 19th century.
Always with the objective of limiting human actions, the industry has evolved to the 3.0 during the 20th century. Automation thus facilitates production processes.

What about Industry 4.0? In the continuity of the industry that preceded it, Industry 4.0 allows to facilitate or even limit human activity in the industry. Nevertheless, what differentiates it is the use of data and the ability to process them for productive purposes.

A hyper-connected industry

The industry is faced with an important competitiveness, a demanding and constantly evolving market. In this context, logistics must use and exploit the latest technologies in all its activities in order to create an ever more agile and efficient logistics network. To do this:
Big Data allows a team to access information in real time, simultaneously and rather easily.
The IoT or Internet of Things includes sensors – terminals, robots, machines – that allow them to connect with other Internet-enabled devices.
Cloud technology allows you to manage, collect and store your information.
AI is roughly the mimicry of Manor at least to mimic its logic when it comes to making decisions, or reproducing activities.

These technologies allow companies to streamline the supply chain, prevent potential problems, manage inventory, track and trace deliveries, and stay on top of consumer preferences.

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