Products traceability and operations

Locate and identify your products, add your information and business rules.

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Issues that you can encounter

  • You can’t calculate your receipt periods
  • Lack of visibility on the logistics activity, who does what where, in which amount of time?
  • Your products in transit within the site get lost, you spend time to find them
  • Your products in transit between sites, from or to your suppliers are lost
  • Your WMS or MES applications cannot find a solution to your distribution and logistics preparation issues to your production units

Advantages of the traceability solution

Wiilog deploys in a few clicks, therefore you focus on your work and not on informatic aspects without an added value to your teams.



Identification of logistics units handled and their transit

  • Generation of unique traceability identifier
  • Generation of arrivals to identify intra flow, warehouse to warehouse, entering or exiting a site
  • Generation of shipment to order a transfer location to location of a logistics unit
  • Added logistics unit information on the fly
  • Traceability catch, deposit of the logistics unit and grouping containers to containers

Disputes management on logistics unit

  • Identify a logistics unit: parcel / pallet on which you identified a dispute
  • Cooperate with your supplier, buyer, provider to find the quickest solution
Our other solutions

Comparative of traceability technologies

Barcode / Qrcode

  • Parcel/pallet/product identification
  • Add of spot information
  • Warehousing
  • Production
  • Unique multi-actor flow
  • Quick to set up
  • Web and mobile compatibility
  • Eased interoperability because of a low technology cost

Passive RFID

  • Product Identification of product / maintenance piece / small size product
  • Add an important amount of information
  • Production / Retail / Logistics loop
  • Unique flow / Looped flow Advantages
  • Limits traceability actions
  • Consequent time gain for inventory
  • Identification without visual access

Active RFID and BLE Beacon

  • Identification of container / highly valued items / middle sized product
  • Add and modification of information in the logistics flow
  • Precise localisation indoor
  • Indoor localisation extremely precise
  • Limits the installation of RFID reader
  • Contextual content and action

Iot – Connected objects

  • Identification of container / Box (case) / pallet / big to middle size, reusable
  • Extremely precise localisation
  • Enrichment of information and action depending on actions such as: temperature, shock, and actuator
  • Precise localisation indoor
  • Loop flow
  • Outdoor location
  • Sensors depending on issues: shock, temperature, other …
  • Highly configurable object for customised use
  • Long term use
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