The realization of your inventory with Wiilog

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Theinventory of stocks concerns all types of products: finished products, goods, raw materials, etc… However, the inventory of stocks depends on your activity.

Types of stocks

Let’s take a look at the types of inventory and stocks possible. They can be both functional and operational.

Concerning functional stocks :

– A stock that illustrates a usual demand over a long period of time corresponds to a cycle stock.
– A recovery stock is a stock where the products are reusable in whole or in part.
– A stock that holds products that cannot be exploited is a dead stock.
When the sale of products is more important over determined periods, it is a seasonal stock.

Concerning operational stocks :
– The physical stock is the number of products available in the warehouse at a specific time.
– The optimal stock is the stock that brings the most profitability and productivity.

When should you manage your stock?

No matter what type of inventory you have, theteam Wiilog recommends that you conduct a manpower inventoryirst recurring and optimize your inventory management with inventory management tools. Lloss and theft will be limited and this will allow anticipate possible errors, improve visibility on operations, enhance the value of locations, and make it easier to manage.

Wiilog: The key to a permanent and optimized inventory

Your inventory is not up to date and is not physically identified on locations? Do your order preparations have too high an error rate? Do your operators spend more time in front of the PC than in the field?

Wiilog is a software that allows you to identify your containers, parts and/or references and can be easily coupled with your ERP. It works with your barcode, QRCode, IoT or RFID terminals.

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