Traceability of products and operations

Industrial inventory management

Inventory management is essential to a production activity, it allows to have a real time visibility on the materials, products at the entrance and exit of the line. Above all, it allows operational staff to ensure complete traceability of products, whether packaged or not, in order to optimize storage or efficient shipping.
The continuity of production activity, respect of deadlines and productivity of logistics operators is a major challenge for manufacturers

Traceability of objects

The core business of logistics teams is to move objects point to point, products, materials, packaged units; pallet, cardboard, bag. The control of deadlines and team capacities can only be measured with a complete vision of the physical movements. Whether it is to trace objects via a manual action or to automate the traceability action, all identification technologies are integrated to meet the different use cases.
Knowing the volumes of logistic operations and the intra site location of products while reinforcing the collaboration answers the stakes of reactivity and control of the deadlines of industries.

Transport of objects

The transport of high value-added objects involves multiple carriers with the need to capture temperatures, shocks and hygrometry. The various proofs of change of responsibility or delivery are essential for calculating deadlines and ensuring transparency with customers.
The mastery of deadlines, transport transparency and environmental metrics allows us to meet the challenges of high level of service for leading-edge industries.

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