How to trace your products?

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The traceability refers to the ease of follow the progress of a product throughout its supply chain, from its origin, its assembly, and its production to its distribution and arrival at the user’s.

Equip yourself with the right technology

The means of traceability are numerous but we have selected 3 types. The choice of these types of methods is to be defined according to the nature of your stocks, your flows and your needs. What are they?

Radio Frequency Identification is the most used solution in logistics companies. Its objective is to identify an object in its path, to recover and analyze the data remotely. This method simplifies logistics procedures, saves time and ensures the security of traceability.

The barcode/QR Code follows standards regulated and approved coding systems. When the bars are scanned and read by a terminal, it interprets the data and informs the management.

The Internet of Things or connected objects is the combination of information and communication technologies. For example, in order to create a location data, GPS sensors are placed on the product and allow to create this information.

Other methods can also be used.

Equip yourself with a powerful software

In order to exploit the information collected by these types of tools, it is necessary to have software adapted to to your needs:

The WMS, or Warehouse Management System, allows you to manage inventories, prepare orders and dispatch orders more easily. In summary, this software allows you toto ensure real-time traceability of flows, to manage material and human resources more easily, and to obtain the data necessary for to the s activity.

ERP, or enterprise management system, is a collection of data that can be used to improve the management and delivery of goods from the distribution center, ensuring that customers receive their products on time.

TMS, or Transport Management System, allows to manage transport fleets – either management schedules of carriers, manage and establish invoices, etc…

Wiilog software is compatible with all traceability systems traceability systems. It is a collaborative tool, no matter what the employee’s job is, he will have full access to the Dashboard and to the updates (transparent for them) in real time of the traceability of the product. This way everyone can be alerted if a situation is alarming or if the stock management is not optimal.

To learn more about our use cases, Wiilog traceability solution has been deployed at SAFRAN Electronics & Defense and at BoxEaty!


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