The traceability solution at SAFRAN Electronics & Defense


Our client’s problems

  • Large number of employees in the production process production process
  • Information entered in an Excel table that is not very practical for real-time exchanges on the progress of projects
  • Lack of traceability of almost 48 hours since the reception due to lack of identification
  • The percentage of losses and errors was also important during emergencies since they were reported with post-it notes!

The benefits of the Wiilog solution

  • Data analysis allows to measure the remaining workload

  • All employees can work on the application in real time

  • Thanks to the identification of the products, it is possible to know where it is in real time

The solutions provided

Ease of communication

  • Real-time communication of up to 50 users is facilitated
  • Communicating priorities through visual elements of color

Emergency management

  • Emergency order number
  • Notification by email to the recipient
  • Indicate the urgency: red color on the arrival to be treated in urgency

Identification of containers

  • Principle of a tracking number of packages, it is easier to locate it if there is an error and to trace the product

We wouldn’t work without it, it’s a traceability tool (…) that improves the flow.

Stephanie Marion  Stephanie Marion Site Manager

Wiilog synthesis

The SAFRAN Electronics & Defense project allowed us to develop and structure the concept of time management through a dynamic dashboard according to functional requirements. Indeed, it’s quite a challenge to meet the IT constraints!