Inventory, stock management and billing software

What is inventory management software?

A stock management software is nowadays essential to ensure the perfect management of your business. Inventory is the quantity of goods and materials available in your warehouse(s). The main objective of logistics management is to have the right product at the right time we need it. Controlling your logistics flows with a high-performance application ensures the quality of your commercial exchanges. When selling products, inventory management is a key part of your quality control.

Now, in order to digitize your workflows, deploy a tool that simplifies the entire process of your business. But you’re probably wondering why you should use inventory management software?

Why use an inventory management software?

As we will see, this management solution will allow you to compensate for the lack of time given to the organization and logistic managementor your manual errors. Stock management software tracks every movement and action on a package from the time it enters to the time it leaves your production facility. We can even say that these functionalities go further than that because, indeed, the application will put you in direct link with your suppliers and will avoid you to multiply the supports. You will be able to exchange with them without having to use the phone or email.

Solve your warehouse failures by installing Wiillog solution in your company. The Wiilog inventory management solution will enhance your company’s performance. Your value for money will come out well and you’ll reap many benefits.

What are the functionalities of a stock management software?

The functionalities of a stock management software are multiple. Theanswer isWiilog’s core business is to respond to the concerns of a logistics manager or executive. Thanks to the functionalities of our application, you will be able to satisfy your customers, facilitate the suppliers’ requests and simplify the work of its employees.

In general, the leader’s concerns are as follows:

What are the benefits of inventory management software?

A stock management software is nowadays essential to ensure the perfect management of your business. Inventory is the quantity of goods and materials available in your warehouse(s).

From now on, meet all these objectives:

  • Manage your stocks efficiently and control your flows,
  • Get a grip on your warehouse, don’t lose your packages
  • Control the activity of your production sites in real time
  • Anticipate your suppliers’ requests and respond quickly to your customers
  • Avoid stock-outs and respond quickly to various requests
  • Avoid overstocking and save space in your warehouse
  • Finish your productions on time

A software is designed to centralize your operations and your stock management. The application traces at every moment the movements in your company.

Thanks to these precisely tracked operations, our application can provide you with key information: anticipation of increases or decreases in growth, details of actions that do not have an interesting quality ratio, etc. The application acts as a mediator in your business, optimizing your business based on the data feedback.

The software will be convenient and will facilitate statistical calculations. With this comprehensive data, you can adapt your requests and facilitate the creation of invoices. But let’s not forget the main purpose of an inventory management software: inventory. Save time and keep track of your logistics flow, that’s what we’re going to find out right now.

How to simplify inventory and billing with inventory management software?

Inventory of stock

You are probably wondering what a stocktaking is?
The inventory is the act of listing all the goods stored in a warehouse or by a company. It is an action that takes stock of the situation for reasons economic,but mainly to have a perfect control of your stocks! During this inventory, your entire warehouse is taken into account.

  • Calculate and observe variations
  • Better manage your supplies
  • Organize your production
  • Check if you have all your products
  • Highlighting potential management errors

This is an important step in inventory management. It relates the imbalances and all information related to to your stock, therefore, to control your inventory is to control your inventory is to control your stock.

But in what context to make its inventory of stock?

For economic and economic and financial reasons, it is essential because every company requires an annual balance sheet.

Indeed, the accounting inventory is a mandatory document for any company. According to article L 123-12 of the Commercial Code, the obligation to “verify, at least once every twelve months, the existence and value of the assets and liabilities of the company’s assets and liabilities and to draw up annual accounts at the close of the financial year”.
But Wiilog encourages you to take an inventory in a permanent and automated way, in order to optimize your inventory management. The benefits of a permanent inventory carry a lot of weight:

  • It prevents you from running out of stock
  • It avoids overstocking
  • It updates in real time each moving element
  • It enhances your stock
  • It facilitates the implementation of
  • It guarantees the security
  • It makes the information reliable


This automated action can be useful for companies with very large inventories but also for smaller ones because the management control will be permanently reliable.

The key to an optimized inventory, a stock management software that supports the human and gain in ROI. Wiilog solutions facilitate the management of your stocks, so no more endless Excel spreadsheets, no more piles of post-it notes to manage and alert emergencies. Whatever your type of inventory or your native operation, Wiilog offers various functionalities: from the identification of containers, references and products to the provision of a powerful and personalized dashboard with receipts, storage and retrieval.

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Billing and your invoices

Thanks to our stock management software, optimize your invoicing. But why and how can we say this?

On Wiilog, data collection ensures that your performance is monitored. This is done in the service of your accounting based on an information collection system. All the information necessary to optimize your profitability is annotated and revealed, some indicators appear widely and reinforce your decisions.

The advantages in terms of invoicing for your accounting department:

  • Your relationships with your suppliers are automated and facilitated by the application ticket
  • Your sales are automated and you can respond more easily to requests
  • Valuate, track and evaluate your actions withwith indicators, adjust according to according to your logistic flows
  • Make meaningful choices, adjust your investments thanks to the indicators
  • Increase efficiency and productivity

Let’s illustrate what we mean

The Centre Léon Berard, one of our clients in Lyon, has deployed this system on its home delivery service. The Léon Bérard Center is a hospital specialized in the treatment of cancer in Lyon. The center has a section specialized in home hospitalization: cancer patients stay at home and receive treatment at home.

For them the implementation of Wiilog has simplified invoicing and helped accounting. Thanks to IOT sensors, the movements of the deliverymen are calculated and the travel expenses are informed automatically. The information is integrated into the hospital’s billing system in real time, resulting in a invoice edition automatic delivery service.
But this is not the only purpose of the software, as it calculates the itineraries and contains crucial information about the delivery of the drugs: temperatures, expiration date or time, information about the patient.

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Why stop using Excel?

Using an Excel document, deploying this tool for your inventory management is better than doing your inventories on paper, no doubt. But this does not limit errors, and sometimes it even makes it difficult for you to operate on the line edges.

In Excel, everything has to be managed manually, as far as the stocks are concerned, it is up to your operators to fill in the lines of these endless workbooks. In Excel, each company is free to create its own file with its own options and data.

With a specialized software, you have a permanent visibility on your stocks, no more need to fill in the information manually. Beyond that, you will be able toDiscover all the advantages of a stock management softwarein the article: stock management software: everything you need to know.

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As you can see, our logistics management solution will be useful at every stage of your logistics flow. Choose the best application and the most complete tool, to improve your prices and your business online as well as physical. Based on free and open source technologies, Wiilog solution will be your best weapon for your tracking.