Inventory management software: everything you need to know

What is inventory management software?

Before deploying a software, let’s discover in a moment the notion of stock, which is essential to understand the world of stock management. Stock comes from the Anglo-Saxon it corresponds and designates the quantities of goods or materials owned by a company with the intention of selling goods produced and merchandise to its customers. Inventory management is a strategic element that allows companies to situate themselves and keep track of their stocks. When a company sells its products, inventory management ensures the control of the availability of its goods as well as the quality of the goods. The main objective is to have the right product in the right place when we need it. To have a perfect management of its stock allows to keep a rhythm and to favour the quality of each sale. A well organized management is the key to the quality of your commercial exchanges but also of your finished products.

Now, let’s define what a stock management software is? It is a tool that simplifies the whole process of your company, this by digitizing your flows by automatically locating all your stocks. As we will see, this management solution will allow you to overcome your manual errors.

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So how can you improve your inventory management?

Digitalize your inventory management and choose a software that will meet your needs for tracking, security and performance. A management software will be able to adapt to the scanning equipment of your warehouses and to be used in a simple way by each member of your company. A software that will offer you the possibility to follow your stocks wherever they are in your warehouse.

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Our software meets your needs, offers you the possibility to manage and maintain the production flow permanently. Get great benefits from this digitalization, improve your inventory management, the quality of your business and of course, most importantly your sales. Your stock management will be optimized

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All the interest of an inventory management software

Respond to the concerns of a logistics manager or director with the aim of satisfying his customers and even simplifying the work of his employees. In general, the concerns of the manager are the following: To manage his stocks with efficiency, in order to control perfectly his processes, To have the hand on his warehouse not to lose any more parcels or not to know how to locate his resources To control these flows in real time, Know permanently where the smallest parcel or product is Anticipate the suppliers’ demands and have the capacity to answer them very quickly Avoid the stock shortages and be able to answer the various demands in no time Avoid the overstocking, and lose space in its warehouses Finish its productions in time and satisfy its customers Thanks to our stock functionality, don’t lose time in your activity.

How does the inventory management software work?

It’s simple, our application has many features to allow you to answer all the requests of your manager or line manager.

  • Identification of containers, packaging, parts, references. This is done via traceability systems that we will discuss later.
  • Native operation in Barcode / Qr code / IoT and RFID
  • Efficient management of classical warehouse flows :

– reception
– storage
– destocking
– preparation
– packaging
– docking
– line-side delivery
– line-side reception
– shipment
– inventory

From entry to exit of your company the product is under permanent control by our Wiilog inventory management solution.

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The different types of stock

  • Periodic inventory management
    It is a method mainly used in accounting for financial reports, it allows to evaluate over a given period the stocks. In order to deduct the final stock quantities. It offers the possibility of calculating costs and trends in stocks with the help of figures.


  • Inventory management with barcode
    Many companies work with barcodes from the moment the items arrive for storage. This makes it possible to assign numbers as soon as each product enters the stock, and to add them to a bill of material. Thanks to this identification, it is easy to know everything about each product. The data associated with this barcode can be various and adjustable according to your needs. The barcode is generated automatically by our software, what could be simpler? All you haveto affix it to your merchandise. These barcode labels are customizable and will meet the criteria you want to highlight. Of course, your labels can be printed by Zebra printers, 100% adapted to our software.


  • Inventory management with RFID
    You don’t know what RFID ? This is Radio Frenquency Identification, in other words the system that will revolutionize your stock question. The radio identification, will simplify your life, you just need an internet connection to locate the goods in your stock. This new identification system offers you a 360 visibility of your warehouse, it automatically ensures the entries, exits and movements in your stock. A significant security in case of loss. Unerring security for tracking your goods and product information.


  • The Iot(Internet of Things) or connected objects is the combination of information and communication technologies. Some examples:
    – A GPS sensor: to create a geolocation data
    – A temperature sensor: to track temperature with alert sets
    – Connected buttons: to propose live service calls


And what about the inventories?

No more manual inventories and missing inventory, your inventory management software is the key. Your inventory in a 100% optimized way, for a better management of your stock and all this in real time.

In the broadest sense of the term, inventory is an act of identifying all the physical assets of a warehouse or business. Overall, it is an action that allows to make a general inventory for economic purposes, but not only!

The inventory of stocks concerns all types of products: finished products, goods, raw materials, etc… However, the inventory of stock depends on your activity; for a business whose activity is centered on the purchase or the resale of product, it concerns the products bought, but which were not resold to the final consumer for example.
The inventory of stocks has several uses, such as calculating and observing the variations of stocks, to better manage the supplies, to organize the productions of goods, to verify that there are no missing products, deterioration, loss or theft, and to highlight certain management errors.

The management of its inventory is not negligible compared to the stock itself. Indeed, any imbalance (stock shortage, excess of stock, etc.) in the quantity of products that are stocked can take away productivity and therefore competitiveness from the company.

The stock is updated automatically, no more manual entry thanks to Zebra tools.

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The advantages of the Wiilog solution

Optimize your operations with the Wiilog inventory management solution

  • The most common is the management of the stock entries and exits
  • Locate your goods and products in your inventory.
  • Save time in the routing of the line.
  • Route directly from the goods entrance to your line edge in case of emergency.
  • Carry out stock movements.
  • Be alerted in real time with alerts.
  • Find the products you need in an instant.
  • Order from your suppliers in a few clicks.
  • Track and collect every piece of information in a secure, intelligent cloud that will provide you with alerts.
  • Generate orders and create baskets for your suppliers and customers.
  • Customize your product features according to your desires and needs.

Enhancing your locations becomes easy

  • Easily find an available stock location for your new merchandise.
  • Collect data to optimize your workforce.
  • Organize your stock perfectly to enhance your inventory

Work in multiple warehouses, internationally via the same tool

  • Ensure the follow-up between your warehouses and your different production lines. Whether they are international or located in the same industrial site.
  • This management tool will simplify all your exchanges, it gathers all the transactions and the movements carried out on each industrial site (that it is small or large, and it does not matter your sector of predilection).
  • The data collected is exchanged internationally and clarifies the status of each of the goods.

Manage your human load

  • The inventory management software is the solution to all your problems, this tool will revolutionize the life of your employees and your customers.
  • Choose to direct your site agents to a more urgent line or move them for backup.

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It’s time for us to offer you a solution that will streamline your inventory management and improve the work in your warehouses. Simplify your life, and choose to use an inventory management software adapted to your needs.