What are the new tools for inventory management?

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To know everything and discover the stock management tools, go to the page Stock management tools: solutions. But without further ado, Wiilog has prepared an article to tell you everything about our core business: the inventory management software, workflows, etc.Traçability and delivery.

Why choose an inventory management software?

Facilitate and benefit from a relentless inventory management, is no longer a question for industrial companies. That’s why Wiilog offers you to discover all the advantages of a stock management software. To begin with, your management will be optimized to the extent of 30% if you choose to use our application but how is this optimization justified?

  • More performance
  • More time saving
  • More reliability
  • More security
  • More notoriety

Every day, managing your inventory makes your company and your teams stronger.

Still wondering what inventory management software is?

This is the easiest way to ensure that the proper functioning of your flows and of the security in your warehouses in every respect.

In the skin of a logistics manager

As a logistics manager the organization ofu is an imperative element that is at the heart and is at the heart of daily concerns. Because controlling your inventory means controlling your sales and all your production costs. The organization ofyourstockisto not get lost in it, so choose a tool that meets your needs, that acts according to your criteria and that corresponds to your means. Sochoose a tool that meets your needs, that acts according to your criteria and that corresponds to your means.
For that our team will move to evaluate at your sides your principal needs but also in a step of optimization of your current means.

Discover the different features called “requests” available on Wiilog application:

  • Deliver
  • Collection
  • Purchase
  • Transfer
  • Services
  • Routing
  • Arrival
  • Movement
  • Packages
  • Printing
  • Outstanding
  • Emergencies
  • Cloud

But our solution does not stop there and offers you to ensure and control all your actions with its traceability and delivery solutions.

Discover all about Wiilog solutions:

Traceability Delivery

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