Warehouse inventory management software

What is inventory management software?

A softwareis the tool that will boost your performance and make your logistics flows more fluid.
Once adopted this tool will allow you to know in real time all the information necessary for the proper functioning of your company or your chainproduction island. It will be your ally in the inventory mission, in fact, you will be able to permanently consult the quantity of logistic unit (UL) you have at your disposal.ez.
The software will be the key to the control of your stock from its entry to its exit, from its preparation at your place of business to its delivery.your suppliers, to its production on your production line and its preparation for for for its departure to your customers.

So how can you improve your inventory management?

How to improve your stock management? It’s very simple, digitalize your company and equip yourself with a software 100% adapted to your needs!

You wonder why this digitalization is necessary in all fields? We all want to perform better in every profession. The solution we have found is the digitalization of your logistic flows, because tracing The actions carried out in your warehouse provide us with quantitative and qualitative data.

Thanks to these data transmissions, it’s easy! You will only have to adjust your human actions. The data that Wiilog will collect are diverse, here are some of them:

  • Tracing of each operation
  • Remaining stock following a receipt or issue in your inventory
  • Delay time on a task
  • Supplier information
  • Emergency alert

All these data are processed to help you improve your stock management as well as your traceability and your last mile delivery.

That’s why our that our team Wiilogteam will listen to your requests to provide you with a standard version if you need the primary functions of the application or a custom version if you have specific needs.
To adopt our software to facilitate your industrial your industrial logistics, do not hesitate to contact us by asking for a demo, that will allow our team to answer all your questions about Wiilog but also to understand your company’s universe.

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Why is inventory management important?

Inventory management is a fundamental element in the overall management of your business! It promotes control and ensures the quality of your productions. In case of permanent inventory, which is facilitated by the inventory management software Wiilog, you will be able toensure the follow-up and availability of your products in stock and in your shop window in your shop window.

Inventory management software for stores ?

Lieu de réception entrepôt

Are you still wondering why and how to implement inventory management software in your store?
Why? It is very simple! As previously mentioned, our application will digitize all your processes and flows, whether they are to enter or exit your store’s inventory. And thanks to Wiilog you will be able to trace the sale to the customer. Wiilog will be a valuable sales asset for your company because if you equip yourself with our solution you will have permanent access to quantitative data on your inventory.

And how do you go about implementing inventory management software in your store? Just contact us and we will estimate your project according to your needs and means.

But without further ado, discover Wiilog’s in-store inventory management.

How to manage your store inventory?

Adopting an inventory management software for your store has never seemed so obvious!

You can’t afford to miss out on a practical, easy and accessible tool for managing your in-store inventory. And for this Wiilog offers you a module that will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your sales process. Then develop your business by equipping yourself with the best inventory management solution.

For a store, what are the fundamental management features?

Not surprisingly, the primary functionality will be the management of your stock

Inventory management

Vou will have a vision on your stocks in real time and will be able to respond to your customers’ demand. Wiilog offers you a vision on outgoing products and on your flows.

The multi-warehouse

Do you work with different storage spaces? Don’t worry! Wiilog is deployed in the same way without any difficulty.


You can discover how this solution has been deployed at our customers:

The analysis

Thanks to Wiilog, your sales will be continuously analyzed. Indeed, as we have seen previously, you can analyze your sales for obtain indicators and better understand your trade. The application Wiilog will accompany you in your sales by symbolically showing you the products that are the most sold or on the contrary those that are less sold. Our tool stock management will come simpleand facilitate the presentation of information that will be key to your store. It will also record the turnover generated on a daily basis. You will be able to adapt the software if you need to customize it.


Always in contact with your suppliers or with your production teams, the restocking will be optimized thanks to theapplication which will be the direct link between theproduction units and sales units. In case of emergency, contact yourselves. In classic replenishment situations, you can optimize your processes by automating the restocking process.

The inventory

Getin touch with Wiilog and save a lot of time by taking a permanent inventory for you don’t have to worry about it at the end of the year when your peak activity is approaching.

Inventory management software store all about

What are the benefits of using inventory management software for a store?

The inventory management application will simplify your task and not only a little! As a store manager, the implementation of an inventory management software will improve the performance of your business. But how?

Stockage en entrepôt
  • Be more efficient, you can see an increase in sales because you will respond quickly to customer demand. But also by having the products your customers are looking for in your store inventory.
  • Facilitate the work of your teams by putting in their hands the tool that will simplify their various missions. Our application being ergonomic and easy to use, they will have no difficulty to adapt to it.
  • You can forget about the stress and time-consuming nature of inventory
  • Respond quickly to your customers’ requests, you will have in your hands a precise and infallible tool.
  • No more extra costs for stock management, no more waste of time.
  • Save time on your inventories, orders and replenishment.
  • Get information and analysis about your sales and operations.

Let’s illustrate what we mean:

Let’s take an example of a pair of shoes when a customer asks for a size that is not available at the moment. You can directly consult your stock to know if you will be able to answer the request of this customer or if it is not the case you will be able to place order directly to your supplier. This order will be traceable and you will have data stored on a cloud at each stage of delivery and will be able to determine a date of collection or delivery to the customer.

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What are the best inventory management software?

There are hundreds of inventory management software, but are they as advanced as what Wiilog ? This remains to be see ! Without further ado, discover the best solution management solution that will give you a huge competitive advantage, from dataaccurate data collected in real time and stored on your cloud.

What are the benefits of inventory management software?

There are many benefits of inventory management software for your store.

  • You will have a permanent visibility on your available stocks in real time
  • You will be able to contact and place orders with your suppliers directly
  • You will receive alerts to notify you of new tasks assigned to you
  • You will be able to anticipate the replenishment of supplier orders
  • You will have control over your security stock
  • You will have access to your turnover rate of the most incoming / outgoing products
  • You will get concrete data on your sales

Control your business permanently through digitalization with Wiilog. Inventory management software is a must, right to the end of your sales process. Don’t forget your stores, give them the chance to become digital and perform better than ever!

How to set up an inventory management software?

Offer yourself a complete service that ensures and controls your production process from start to finish. Coupled with an ERP you will have no more gaps in your system and in your warehouse.

Whether you are an industrialist specialized in aeronautics, in the food industry or in trade, this will not be a problem. If you have a store and or a point of sale you will make it easier for yourself by ensuring the follow-up of your products until the end.

Access is easy for each collaborator and on Wiilog you can even set visibility rights.

Before prescribing a solution, for Wiilog it will be fundamental to meet you and visit your warehouse and your store. All this in order to analyze your organization and your needs. Our team will have to come on site to meet you and analyze your work method. Following this visit, our logistics experts will offer you a classic or customized stock management solution (in case of specific needs).

You still doubt that Wiilog is the innovation you need to perform and explode sales? We invite you to discover our use cases and the feedback from our customers.

Make an appointment with our team to present your needs and to learn more about your business digitalization project.

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