CEA Leti's stock management solution


Our client’s problems

  • Operators sometimes work in several locations and must consult and must consult the different stocks on a daily basis
  • Very specific places of employments constituteds clean rooms” with network and cybersecurity conditions
  • Inventory management is not optimal
  • The purchase request cycles are mainly carried out by e-mail

The benefits of the Wiilog solution

  • Visualization of the routing of a product in real time

  • No data loss despite location and lack of connection

  • The disconnected mode allows you to make delivery requests even without a connection

The solutions provided

Maintenance intervention

  • Reference stock consultation
  • Consolidation of product traceability: from purchase request to receipt
  • Visibility groups are set up so that certain stock is not seen by everyone

Production intervention

  • Open purchase requests, delivery requests and receipt requests are identifiable
  • The delivery applicant is identified
  • It is possible for the operator to know what quantity is available at the moment T before making his delivery request

Delivery in disconnected mode on the nomad

  • An operator goes around locations to find out what needs to be restocked, when he leaves the clean room, he reconnects to the network to the network and synchronizes the delivery requests

The software has allowed our client to gather in one tool the management of stocks

Nicolas BARTHALAY Nicolas BARTHALAY Site Manager

Wiilog synthesis

CEA Leti is 4 years in the making!
This is the first project structuring the Stock section. We were able to go far in the industrial stock management functionalities, notably by transforming part of the application into a disconnected mode. A solution that is not very well developed by our competitors!