Inventory management software with shower head

A major concern for warehouse managers and company directors, industrial management – stock and traceability – is the need to ensure the quality of the product. is one of the biggest challenges in logistics today. In this article we will focus onith tools and mainly barcode scanners that scan your items throughout your process.

To date, arming yourself with industrial inventory management software has become essential! A traceability toolis the solution you need to equip yourself with to optimize, facilitateer and manage your production lines. What could be better than topair specialized software with devices adapted to your needs in the field. The favorite way to scan on the market is the showerandbarcode, easy to use, convenient and connected directly to your terminals. The handheld directly linked to your logistics management application, will keep all data related to your transactions and your flow.

But you are probably wondering, what is a barcode scanner?

In the world of logistics, there are many tools to inform your inventory management and traceability software. These innovative tools ensure traceability at all times in your warehouses. They are usedby your agents to scan and detail each action performed precisely.

Bar code / Qr Code

Automatically edited by your management software, barcode or QR code type labels are printed upon entry into your stock by specialized printers for industrial companies. These printers are easily configurable, they print instantly as soon as the article is created in your database. Many possibilities are offered to you, you have the choice of the format, rather bar code or QR Code, addition of specific information or format adapted to your goods.

Once launched into your flow, goods are passed from hand to hand, moved from point A to point B. They are constantly being moved and need to be tracked to avoid loss or theft. The barcode scanner will intervene during your process. They are perfectly suited for supervisory positions, on more static stations accompanied by a computer or for an operator who can use his barcode reader, directly connected with his terminal.

These scanners once connected to our terminals, collect data, these data also called, the DataCaptureDNALogiciel, is the technical name of this alliance shower (scanner) to a software.

This Data Capture DNA is genetically enhanced with intelligence and simplicity that simplifies the experience for your field agents.

It looks like a gun or a shower head. Its shape is optimized to be either placed on a base or to be held in the hand by one of your agents. There are different shapes to meet your different demands, they are equipped with various options barcode scan or QR code. The origin of its name “showerhead” comes from its shape resembling a showerhead.
Simplify your actions with this embedded device and save time with a powerful scanning tool.

Do you know our other solutions? Because yes, Wiilog solution can be assembled with all your logistic tools.

Mobile terminals

The mobile terminals, are two-in-one devices, directly embedded the scan and the mobile in one device.
The phone equipped with Android, has on its shell a scanner, thanks to this tool it is possible to scan and fill in all the information you want on the phone.

It is one of the most deployed tools in companies equipped with inventory management software. Without adapted scanning equipment, it is impossible to import the information in real time into the software. And conversely, without inventory management or traceability software, there is no need to equip yourself with a fleet of terminals. One can’t go without the other, so it’s a sustainable investment that will help you make financial and productivity gains.

The scanners à coupled with a terminal

Scanners, barcode scanners and not a terminal, reduce order picking time. Convenient for the operator, light and easy to handle, limits MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders due to to a repetition of the same movement for many years), makes life easier.

Coupled with a terminal, you have several possibilities:

  • Computers
  • Mobile terminals with the application (reinforced cell phones adapted to industrial life)
  • Reinforced shelves

No need to lift, scan, pose. The hand is free and the scanner does not weigh anything, saving time because the movements are limited.

More and more optimized and innovative tools at your service. Industries are researching technologies that could save them a lot of time.



RFID, radio-frequency identification, is a solution that consists of recovering data remotely, without having to scan your goods. The RFID “chips” send back the information and transmit the data to your different connected traceability tools. Today, RFID is used by companies that have automated their processes.

You lack knowledge and have difficulty mastering all your information, we can help you in the implementation of your warehouses. So, andWhen are you going to use RFID?

The IoT is about connected objects transmitting data on the temperature, the geographical position of the goods or connected buttons to make service requests. They can be very useful to you, and facilitate the control of goods.

All these data are traceable and these tools allow you to track information (location, status, archives…) on your items.

How does a barcode scanner work?

Wondering how a barcode scanner works? It’s simple. Simply scan your merchandise and perform the actions assigned to it on your application.
The showerheads are easy to use, so if your operators change often, they will not have difficulty adapting. No scanning issues, they are practical and do not requirelearning training.

And how to choose a barcode shower?

It’s not easy to choose the right showerhead for your needs. This decision is based on several choices to be defined according to precise characteristics and of course according to your use of the material.

The first criterion, the width of your shower head so that it is adapted to the size of your barcodes.

The secondThe maximum scanning distance you will need to scan your goods. Always in line with the size of your warehouses and storage systems.

The thirdThe speed of the scan can be adjusted according to your needs, if you want the reading and transmission to be done in real time. The faster it is, the better it will be for you, it will save you a lot of time.

The fourthis the reading mode, corresponding to the type of label you will have to read, from the most classical bar code (in 1D) to the QR code (2D codes).

The fifthYou can choose the type of player to meet your needs. Depending on your needs, choose CCD, imager or laser reading.

The sixthThe Good Read Symbol, a sensor that affirms the reading of the product, greatly limits the number of errors and oversights. Our Proglove tools are equipped with it, which is very appreciated by our users.

The seventhFor obvious reasons of mobility, non-wireless handhelds are now favored in warehouses. But as mentioned above, there is nothing to prevent you from equipping your employees with wired shower heads on static stations. In terms of connectivity for the wireless one it is done either directly by Wifi or by Bluetooth.

The eighthThe shower holder is used to place the shower in a “correct” way to avoid damaging or losing it. It is also used to charge wireless shower heads.

And finally the ninthresistance, depending on your field of activity, you will need ranges that are resistant to different materialsto certain temperatures or more resistant ranges. Don’t worry, our teams will be able to offer you the material you need.

Handhelds for your inventory management?

Optimize your stock management with a barcode scanner

You want to optimize your inventory management, but you don’t know how?

Opt for and adopt a stock management software and for the tools adapted to this software. Thanks to this equipment, save time and progress in the digitalization of your warehouses.

Inventories? This is no longer a problem, thanks to the use of shower heads, simplify your life! By using scanners, your inventories will take much less time and more than that, the quality of your inventories will be exemplary, no more item can be missed. No more paper-based inventories, specialized equipment will make working conditions in industry easier.

Why get equipped, the advantages :

  • Save time
  • Track your inventory simply and agilely
  • Limit error rates
  • Collect accurate and precise data on each of your actions
  • Conduct smooth inventories
  • Create barcodes in real time
  • Use material that is 100% adapted to industrial use (unbreakable)
  • Deploy online so no registration issues

There are some disadvantages to this solution, each solution has some elements that may not be very practical. Let’s look at these ever-modifiable points:

  • Rates can be expensive
  • Reorganize your processes

Choose the solution that will meet your logistics management needs.

Shower vs. barcode reader?

Do you know the difference between handhelds and barcode scanners?

The two can easily be confused, the differences are subtle, but very real. Both can scan without worry, but here we are talking about performance. The hand shower is mainly used and recommended for stores and department stores. It reads conventional barcodes over short distances. But in general, it is much lighter and therefore more manageable than the pistol and is very practical on fairly static jobs. On the market, it is mostly cheaper than the gun.

The reader is more like a gun, it is quite heavy, with the force of movement your teams can feel the wrist. Nevertheless, it remains much more powerful than the hand shower. Equipped with a laser, it has the ability to read QR codes and barcodes, andeven RFID which offers many possibilities. More often used in warehouses, because distance is not necessarily a problem. There are several types of readers, which offer the possibility to read the labels according to your height and distance needs. Speed is its trump card, scan, and all your data is sent instantly to your terminals.

The barcode shower is very easy to use:

  • Select the item to scan
  • Scan with your handheld

The data is sent in real time to your terminal:

  • Move your item to the location specified on the application
  • Scan again and validate the installation of the merchandise at a specific time and place.

And there you have it, simple, fast and effective.

Thanks to the handheld scanner that reads the barcodes of your products, it’s easy to turn every action into a service request. Each product is tracked in real time without worrying about loss or theft.

No problem of setting up, our team makes sure of the connectivity of your devices. Nothing is easier than installing our Wiilog application on Android devices designed for this purpose.

What are the advantages of a barcode scanning inventory management software?

Once equipped, your company will be more productive than ever! Optimal management for optimized returns. Managing your stocks and your traceability thanks to a powerful software, will help you to organize your production lines.

You get many benefits, discover them :

  • Real-time management
  • A considerable time saving
  • Complete traceability of all your actions
  • A complete database at all times
  • Optimized productivity
  • A visibility on your activity
  • Tips and alerts for unexpected events

How to optimize stock management with a barcode scanner?

Wiilog is a partner of the world leader in logistics equipment Zebra. Our solution is therefore 100% adapted to interface with their industrial tools.

Coupled with innovative and powerful inventory management software is the best method of inventory and stock management today.

From the moment you enter your stocks, to track movements and ensure a perfect follow-up of your goods. The handheld scanner is then at your service to scan all the product labels and fill in all the information produced.

The Wiilog team is ready to answer your questions and deploy the software you need to optimize your warehouses. Don’t waste your time doing inventory on paper, don’t lose your goods, from now on make your process more fluid and simplify the tasks of each of your operators.

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Everything you need to know about inventory management software with handhelds

What is a barcode scanner?

It looks like a gun or a shower head. They are optimized to be hand held by one of your agents. There are different types to meet your different demands, they are equipped with various options bar code scan or Qr code. The origin of its name “showerhead” comes from its shape resembling a showerhead. Simplify your actions with this embedded device, save time with a powerful scanning tool.

How to differentiate between a handheld scanner and a barcode reader?

The two are confused, the differences are subtle, but very real. Both can scan without worry, but here we are talking about performance. The hand shower is mainly used and recommended for stores and department stores. It reads conventional barcodes over short distances. But in general it is much lighter and therefore more manageable than the pistol and it is very practical on rather static jobs. On the market, it is mostly cheaper than the gun.

What are the advantages of a barcode scanning inventory management software?

Managing your inventory and traceability with a powerful software will help you organize your production lines. You will benefit from these advantages: Real-time management, considerable time savings, complete traceability of all your actions, a complete database at all times, optimized productivity, visibility on your activity, advice and alerts for unexpected events!