The delivery solution at the Léon Bérard Center


Our client’s problems

  • Real-time tracking of drug and chemotherapy deliveries
  • Communication between pharmacists, deliverers and GT Santé managers
  • Creation of duplicate transportation requests, because of lack of visibility on the requests created by the CLB people
  • Collecting the different waste: families complain that there is too much waste not collected from the patient.

The benefits of the Wiilog solution

  • A 360° view of delivery

  • Connecting pharmacists, delivery drivers and GT Health managers

  • Ergonomics adapted to delivery drivers so that they can use other applications (GPS or calls)

The solutions provided

Adapting to health issues

  • Real-time temperature monitoring of medical content
  • An alert is sent by email if the temperature is not adapted
  • The ranges of mobile terminals offered by Wiilog are specialized inin health and are virucidal

Create a complete logistics business solution to manage :

  • Traceability of medicines in delivery and collection
  • Optimized organization of deliveries and routes
  • Communication between delivery personnel, operators and GT Health managers
  • Invoicing, since a mileage-based invoicing method is available, will besponible

Digitize delivery and collection:

  • The application Wiilog application also justifies the correct delivery or collection of the medicines by the delivery against signature and taking a picture
  • The request for collection of used medicines is made on the application

This tool allows us to gain in traceability, reactivity and simplicity. Relationships are strengthened and improved.

Eddy Lecouturier Eddy Lecouturier Operations Manager

Wiilog synthesis

It was a very very good project for many reasons! It was our first certificate project d’ Hs first hosting project. Datainformation Sante, the security at the highest level. And it was also our first project on which we deployed connected objects. The collaboration with the Léon Bérard Centre was very strong, which shows that success is based on collaboration !