Inventory management software and Excel

What is inventory management?

Do you know the *? Fundamental issue in many companies, today it is the main element of the industry that can no longer be put aside. side! A permanent concern of company managers andand operators of companies nowadays. Many solutions exist to ensure your stock management, and this is what we will discover.

Why use an inventory management tracking system?

Keeping track of your management is no longer an option!Every company needs a management system forstock management. Because each unit needs to track its goods and articles at each step of its process. This allows everyone to find their way around, from the company manager, to the warehouse manager, to the operator on the line.

The different types of inventory management

  • Management by barcode

Each article as of its creation, or its entry in company is allotted an identifier, this one can be a bar code. These coded numbers are associated with to all the information about the products.

  • Management with RFID

Thanks to chips, the radio frequency identification, facilitates the identification of all the goods present in a warehouse. This device greatly improves returns, both financially and in productivity. Once scanned, all the information produced can be displayed on a terminal adapted for inventory management.

How does a stock management file work?

A stock file or software works on a system that consists of inform information, this information go back to in spreadsheets or applications to offer you a visualization of the operations to be realized following the previous. To date, the organization of your warehouses is the most important mission for your company.
So all you have to do is make requests to generate actions. This information is provided by dashboards to your colleagues. All types of actions can be requested, these devices are designed to meet each of your needs, and will help improve your flows and control your customer relations.

How to create a stock management software with excel?

In this article, we will contrast an Excel document optimized for inventory management vs.a software 100% designed for this purpose.

Using Excel for your inventory management

Using an Excel document for your inventory management is better than doing your inventories on paper, no doubt. But this does not limit errors, it does not make it easier, and far from it, it even complicates the task of your line-side operators.

Online, it is even possible to find specialized Excel versions and templates for inventory management. Pre-formatted documents to simplify inventory management, companies in need of a tool that will help their production line perform. As far as Excel is concerned, everything is managed manually. As far as stocks are concerned, it is up to your operators to complete the lines of these endless workbooks. In Excel, each company is free to create its own tab with its own data and nomenclatures. It is even possible to couple lines on stock management to an automated invoicing system thanks to formulas. By working with an Excel file, you can avoid breakages thanks to the information updated by your agents. In case of need revealed by your tab, you can place orders with your suppliers and avoid any production failure.

Give yourself visibility on your inventory by arming yourself with a way to synchronize all the data from your latest operations.

Deploy Wiilog inventory management

Some specialists market ready-to-use Excel files for companies that cannot afford to buy inventory management software. Today, these software are more and more commercialized, they constitute a serious competitive advantage and allow you to take a leading position in your sector.

Discover our inventory management solution stock for industries

Receive, store and deliver to your production lines. Préparez et expédiez.

Discover the stock solution

The solution

What is the Wiilog solution? Wiilog is an Inventory Management application. An application to track and store, thanks to Wiilog,optimize your industrial logistic flows, gain in performance, bring the right information to the right person to satisfy your internal or external customers.

What does Wiilog application offer? Wiilog features are numerous:

  • Reception, storage and retrieval, from entry to exit of your warehouse, each merchandise is traced,
  • Preparation, packaging, docking detail the entire product process
  • Delivery and reception on the line
  • Shipping, once your product is prepared,
  • And finally inventory, make an inventory of your products in stock, check your flows and your orders.

Thanks to the inventory management software, track them from the moment they enter your premises until the end of the supply chain. Createorders for your suppliers instantly. Analyze the data recorded in the software and determine the actions that should follow to improve your flows.

Its advantages

The benefits of our solution for your company are as follows:

  • Save time
  • Control availability in real time
  • Control your flows remotely
  • Collect data
  • Manage your human load
  • Optimize your operations

And many others…

Development prospects

Development prospects in the industrial world. New technologies are emerging to help you perform and we at Wiilog can help you implement them.

Artificial intelligence can help you automate all your workflows and processes. They will also enter the Industry 5.0 era by participating in the development of ethics in your warehouses. The IOT, invests in inventory, all these little sensors will gather a number of information about your goods. And finally the RFID which is becoming more and more widespread, and what are you waiting for to adopt it?

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