The traceability solution for the defense sector


Our client’s problems

  • Large number of employees in the logistics and production process
  • Regular transfer of responsibility between departments on the stock removal process and delivery to production
  • Little quantification and identification information for 24 to 48 hours in incoming stock
  • Enhanced security in IT hosting
  • Willingness to improve production rate and logistics

The benefits of the Wiilog solution

  • Efficiency in production

  • Facilitated transfer of responsibilities

  • Quantify logistics flows and produce performance indicators

The solutions provided

Lot 1: standard

  • Implementation of the standard traceability application
  • Optimized security since the hosting is at the customer’s site
  • Accompaniment on the material used

Lot 2: reception

  • Receipt in the perimeter: identification of packages by reference
  • Labeling by QR Code process
  • Emergency call on equipment or production line
  • Optimized litigation management

Batch 3: Stock removal until delivery to the line

  • Facilitated communication between the different operators of the production order: transfer of responsibility
  • Optimized product routing from manufacturing to delivery to the line
  • Identification of new parcels by labeling them when they are no longer visible on the customer’s ERP

Wiilog allows us to drive performance!

Hélène Charpentier Hélène Charpentier Defence

Wiilog synthesis

This was the very first project in the sector in the defense. What we allowed us to challenge ourselves on several points: coupling with an existing ERP, IT security, the fact that several players such as GT and the operators are in agreement. In addition, we had to develop new functionalities while being consistent with our existing application standard.