Improve the traceability of boxes and reusable cases


Our client’s problems

  • Activity management on Excel / Outlook, difficult to manage with volume
  • Know in real time where the boxes are located
  • Retrieve delivery/collection history for billing or invoice control
  • Enable the collection of box products from the consumer customer
  • Easily track the use of deposit tokens

The benefits of the solution

  • 360° views of the business

  • Strong collaboration with the actors: restaurant owners / couriers / consumers

  • Provide predictive use of the BoxEaty park to increase the success rate of a project

The solutions provided

Create a complete logistics business solution to manage :

  • Traceability of boxes and cases in delivery and collection
  • The organization of deliveries and rounds
  • Customer orders in boxes / crates
  • Carry out picking operations at the box / at the cash desk by deposit

Digitalising a product collection point

  • Tablet collection application with integrated ticket printer and image
  • Communication with the consumer on the benefits of his action

Tracking activity

  • Generation of an impact report allowing to measure in real time and by customer its impact indicators linked to the BoxEaty solution

Wiilog brings a local and adapted digital solution with a local partner

Yann Thielin Yann Thielin Founding President

Wiilog team synthesis

BoxEaty is a combination of 3 technical projects: Web / Mobile / Tablet based on open source technologies and responding to the future uses of responsible consumption, but also the extension of the duration of use of containers.

Wiilog team is proud to have been able to participate to this adventure that is BoxEaty.